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Dear Doctors,
If you opt for EasyDocCall service
  • EasyDocCall will assign and align appointments of MRs as per your call system.
  • EasyDocCall synchronises with your availability so you it saves time of yours and MRs.
  • EasydocCall provides platform to you to get an updates regarding upcoming MR visits, CMEs and Events.
  • EasyDocCall not only useful for appointments but you can use it for Planning your personal and professional events.
  • EasyDocCall provides search option to get information related to MR, Brands and Company.
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Dear Medical Representatives,
If you opt for EasydocCall service
  • Easydoccall saves your time by booking appointments of Doctors in advance through single click.
  • EasydocCall not only saves fuel to deliver Brand Reminders to your focused customers but it guaranteeing that recipient reads your brand reminders.
  • Easydoccall gives updates regarding call, doctor’s unavailability and other valuable information.
  • Easydoccall enables you to get a chance to book doctors if already booked by other MRs.
  • Easydoccall can be useful to inform, search and find vacancies in Pharmaceuticals companies.
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Doc-Rep interactions are Essential

Experts believe Doc-Rep interactions are elementary for better healthcare delivery.

These can’t be skipped but can be well organised.

Medical reps and companies aim to covey and deliver custom built knowledge for doctors based on their choice, need and practice.

In India, approximately 1 million medical reps are employed and nearly 200 Doc-Rep interactions being happened monthly. We believe in simplifying and well organising these interactions will improve quality of these interactions in India.

Why EasyDocCall ?

Accelerations in new introductions and improvements of Pharmaceutical, Bio-tech, IT and Wearable medical devices are resulting in heavy medical rep rush at clinics and less interaction time for everyone.

To tackle these problem it have been observed that majority of doctors allows med reps to visit on a specific days but these results in heavy rush which create little bit discomforts to patients and staff in waiting area. Another temporary solution obtained is limiting numbers of Medical reps on specific days but sometimes it results into selected repetitive visit from few and decline opportunity to meet important one.

To give permanent solution to these problems EasyDocCall provides online platform to doctors and medical reps for better and convenient Doc-Rep Interactions.

Our intentions

For Doctors,

EasyDocCall offers an online platform to doctors to link, convey and control medical reps visit without upsetting their workflow.

Doctors can schedule, reschedule and or cancel their visit time, place and dates well in advance. Doctors can receive brand reminders and scientific literature and they can search contact information of medical reps by their company name, product name or by mobile number.

Our intentions

For Medical Reps,

EasyDocCall offers an online platform to medical reps to know about doctor availability without visiting clinic and book their appointment well in advance flexibly with our fairer appointment system.

EasyDocCall provides a tool to send brand reminders to their focused doctors, so it saves fuel, energy and time of medical reps. Moreover EasyDocCall gives an opportunity to find or post vacancies of Pharmaceutical companies.
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